Working on both "real", personal and opensource project sometimes I've to face the problem of managing different visual studio settings based on the project I'm working on.

For my personal projects I like a certain tab and curly brace configuration, for Subtext I've to use another convention, and from my real job I've to use yet another configuration.

After a few weeks of struggling I decided to adopt the Subtext settings even for my personal projects, but I cannot do it for my job, because that settings have been already used for years: so, every time I've to change type of project I'm forced to change also the VS settings.

Scott Dorman posted on his blog a possible organizational workaround to simplify the switching of settings, but he also submitted a a request on Microsoft Connect:

When working on multiple projects/solutions from different companies or private vs. open source projects, each project can have different language settings (for tab size, curly brace locations, etc.). Keeping these settings at a global (IDE) level forces me to constantly switch between global settings and remember which settings file belongs to which project.

Allowing these settings to be kept at a solution/project level (in a separate settings file) would allow each project to dicate what its settings are without affecting any other projects.

Visual Studio user settings per project

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