Yesterday I told you next time I have blogged, it would have been from Nic's house in Wellington...

but now I'm blogging using a wifi hotspot in Heathrow airport in London, using the T-Mobile access point, at the cheap price of 5£ (7.5€ or 9 US$ or 14 NZ$) per one hour :-)

Just a quick note about security checks: I had to remove from my hand baggage my laptop, my PDA, my iHome alarm clock to have them scanned separately from the bag, and also take off my shoes... ok, in England you are all paranoid about terrorism and so on... but... please... do you think I'll hide a bomb inside a PDA? or inside my iPod?

I also found a power plug, so now I know how to spend the next 4 hours before my plane takes off to Sydney.